Monday, 29 September 2014

The Mobile Platform

It is undeniable that the mobile platform has become and will continue to be an important part of business. But more than that, mobile platforms have become a standard of living for younger generations.

Recently, Rick and I had a conversation about the importance of smartphones. Rick argued that mobile devices had become so important because younger people are constantly “on the go.” Young people tend to work more jobs, travel as often as they can, and go out more often than someone who is older. In short, young people move around a lot more and having a mobile device is an easy way to guarantee connectivity with the rest of the world without the bulk of a personal computer or laptop.

But I think it is more than that. It is true that many of my friends and colleagues only have smart phones and do all of their personal computing on that device, and that they tend to travel around a lot. However, I think the prevalence of mobile devices harkens to something greater, something more than just convenience and mobility.

We would all have these if it was just about mobility.

For many people today, their online presence can be as important as their offline one. For example, every morning, I wake up, I check the few online comics that I follow, and I check my facebook, twitter, email, etc. During the day I use the internet professionally and to research the various things I am personally interested in. I share funny things with my friends and various followers and read interesting articles about the world around me. When not using the internet, I using other features on my compute such as movie players, word processors, code compilers etc. In the end, I spend most of my day interacting with a computer, be it a phone or a desktop.

My life might as well be this.
 So when I travel, it is not that I simply want to have internet access, it is that so much of my life involves using computers. The technology is an integral part of my day and, frankly, I couldn’t work, or do a lot of my hobbies without it.

So when I leave my home, I bring my phone to make sure I have access to the tools I need to make it through the day. As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in day to day life, the access to mobile platforms will only become more important, and it is important to consider that when planning the future of technology in your business.

Written by: Andrew Gregory


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